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We Will Meet Again

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

“We will be with our friends again. We will be with our families again. We will meet again.”

Queen Elizabeth II

We’re Planning for a Slow Opening

The Staff, the Board, and the Usage Committee are working hard to make safely opening the Club a reality. This will be a very limited and controlled opening due to the abundance of caution that we will be taking for everyone’s safety. You will hear more about the limited opening of the Club from the Usage Committee very soon. Until then, here’s a little taste of what this can look like:

We can accommodate three (3) individual members or two (2) couples on the deck. Always plan ahead with a reservation, as this will be pretty exclusive with limited seating daily - no surprises, please.

Have you heard of QuaranTeams? These are Social Bubbles/Pods that can be formed between people who want to see each other regularly. This concept increases your ability to safely gather. Here is an informational PBS video on what Social Bubbles are, and here is the complete MIT Technology Review Guide on how to form your own. Larger QuaranTeams allow for slightly larger, safely gathering groups. Start thinking of your QuaranTeam options now so you're ready.

The Deck and Garden are Coming to Life!

Cleaning up, clearing out, and freshening up the back deck and garden has seemed like a distant dream, and now it’s becoming quite a lovely reality! Debris has been removed; deck, stairs, and patio have been power washed; and the deck has been repainted, as have the light fixtures. It’s starting to look very welcoming for when we’re ready to host small numbers of members.

Hundreds of daylilies have been planted. Some of you have even had flowers from these plants in your salad. Chives, mint, and parsley from our boxes around the deck are also regularly used. We will continue to fill the pots and ground with beautiful and delicious edibles!

Your House Manager Jules, and Chef Charlotte are really excited to see you again soon! Relaxing on the deck, chatting in person - it’s a great way to re-open the Club after these long months.

Chef Charlotte Galley

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