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We need to tell our members!

“We need to tell our members! Lunch from the Club is not only delicious and varied, it’s the bargain of [the] week for those who order it. Every item today was unusually delicious.”

Lois Schenck

Greetings from 14 West Hamilton Street Club. It’s quiet & lonely around here without you, but we’re holding down the fort until your return - whenever that will be.

The curbside business at the Club has really been a great success! This unprecedented time demands unprecedented action, and many of you have enjoyed the fruits of these efforts, and supported the Club at the same time - 59 individuals, to be exact - several on a weekly basis! If you haven't ordered yet - you don't know what your missing!

We sold out 12 orders/24 meals a day, and sometimes more, for close to three months! However, since restaurants have been opening up, and some of you are summering elsewhere, business has dropped off substantially. Our average now is half of what it’s been and is expected to fall in July & August. As a result, during the months of July and August, we will drop back to offering meals only on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Yes! You heard right! We will be open during the month of August, perhaps for the 1st time in nearly 100 years of Club history. Unprecedented times and actions at play right before your very eyes.

“Your delicious menus are the high point of our week during the shelter experience.”

Terry Ulmer

Your compliments have been prolific - I greatly appreciate it! Requests and comments are also welcome. This is for you, and anything we can do to support our members, and strengthen the Club, is the priority of both your chef and your house manager, Charlotte and Jules.

Chef Charlotte Galley

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