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Club Membership


14 West Hamilton Street Club

New members are the lifeblood that keeps any social club culturally vibrant, financially sound, and sustainable in the long term. The Membership Committee is dedicated to attracting interesting new colleagues and welcoming them into the 14 West Hamilton Street community.

Members are encouraged to bring guests to any Club meal or event. If you think your guest might be interested in becoming a member, please let the Membership Chair or Club President know so members of the committee and Club board can be alerted and try to meet your guest.

If there is definite interest in membership, the next step is to send a letter or e-mail of nomination to the Membership Chair providing brief information about the prospective member’s accomplishments and interests. The letter can contain the names of one or more seconds, or the Membership Chair will work with you to secure seconds (who do not have to write separate letters).

After an initial review of the nomination, a message describing the nominee is sent to the entire membership in the next monthly newsletter or in a separate membership e-mail, depending on timing, giving individual members an opportunity to comment. Once the new member is elected, the Club President sends a welcome letter or email and the entire membership is informed in the next monthly newsletter.

Please contact Membership Chair Bernie Shiffman if you have any questions or thoughts – or to suggest prospective members!



Resident, Non-Resident (members who do not reside in Maryland),

and Junior memberships (under age 40) are available

Resident Member dues are currently $375 per quarter.

Non-Resident Members pay dues of $187.50 per quarter.

There is an initiation fee of $500 for both classes.

Junior Members pay dues of $100 per year and do not pay assessments or initiation fees.

From time to time an additional capital assessment may be added.

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